More aboot me- the things i like

A list, a list We have a list

Favorite colors: Purple,blue,black

Music:This be hard matey,,,arrr (yes i am a pirate now) i don’t really have a fave band, or genre per say i listen to about everything Rock(all kinds from classic to hard),pop,dance,ochestral ,instumental,

Shows:True Blood,Game Of Thrones,Simpsons,Family guy,Friends,2 broke girls,roseanne,that 70s show,America’s got talent,californication,my name is earl,dead like me,are you afraid of the dark, goosbumps, 90’s cartoons(if i posted them all this list would go on and on)

books:A song of ice and fire series, harry potter series, hunger games trilogy, a child called it, the outsiders,stephen king,

So thats it for now folks i will update some other time  OHYAH I LOOOOOVE CHEESE!!!


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