July 29- 2012—Jus bored

I am bored, i’m up early and no one to blab too, so i turn to my awsome blog lol, ok sooooo… hmmm byw found strange powder on my table outside, have too talk to brandy later, toop bad wind and rain made it go away, or i could just ask her,,, why is this stuff on our table, now i have nothing too show, I hope she’s honest, i have been informed she does coke once in a while. Coke  is better than meth or PCB, cory was trying too figure out what it was and saying her new beau seemed like a drug dealer( can’t tell her that part though, well about her bf.. not just yet i only met him briefly), but than again, brandy has been a little different lately too…i just pray she’s not using… cuz she like…uhhh never home and when she is she’s almost in a hurry to leave, she still has her motherly thing goin on, but it doesn’t seem to be as much as it was before, but hey maybe she’s trying too take it easier on me, and maybe she likes this claudio guy and wants too spend lots of time with him, if he hurts her i hurt him though, lol yah… i’m a pussy, so prob not, but who knows, with my my new bit of energy i have been getting lately :),  soo now i’m rambling, and i bet my grammer is a headache… good thing i am the only one who reads this stuff…. yay me for writting too yourself, yay me, lol. I could seriously do this all day…. sad enough… i see why ppl blog and blog about utter nonsense, lol

What else is going on??? i miss my game of throns, the book is getting soo good now, i hope they don’t change it like last season, i mean really you could of atleast made the wolves like they are supposed to be, and house of undying…puhleeeze… and hey  Tyrion is supposed to have no nose after he got conked out…. and they don’t explain Jon’s story much…ok so he is with this random chick for no reason… yah that makes sense, he does not just kidnap her and stuff just like that, there is a major purpose for the wall there, which they show on last ep, but should of been done waaaay b4 that…. oh and Arya, and jaqen, like wow, ok so he kills the ppl and stuff for her cuz she saved him and his dudes, and in the ends becomes faceless and changes his face, but they miss out some good parts, and add other stuff…. like WTF HBO, season one is waaay better, season two was still good, but could of followed some things more, they added the story on Rob and Jeyne ( called her something else for some reason).. and that was actually from book 3, not two, ( but than again Rob isn’t in book two) Lol ok i talk too myself or this blog too much…xD,  DEAR WORDPRESS… srry for my blabber, but your all I can talk too ATM

HAHAHA BTW….. cory sucks at mario 3, i beat all the lvls, and he beat.. all the mushroom house’s, he did however ask every level, is there a secret here??? and asked, how did you and Brandy find all these secrets back in the day, without Internet…. PURE SKILL…K, lol we know that game front too back, except iceworld… cuz we allways skipped it.. but when you think about, wow how did we find all the secrets out?? we had no google at the time, no interwebs, nothing, we just had skill, ans awsomness… 🙂 but enough blah blah for now, time too find another way too secure my bordrom for now, maybe i will go slay a dragon on skyrim or something, lol, or watch some youtube, or tvshow or movie,


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