talent show gone wrong

WTF happened to ppl, lol I had this awsome idea of playing schools out for summer, and had plans for air band back in the day in errr.. gr 5 or 6, chick michelle underwood in our gropu said it was dumb, and we ended up doing the song and dance …that  WE LEARNED IN MUSIC CLASS  OOH EEH OOH OH AHH TING TANG WALLA WALLA BING BANG!! whatever that song was called, man i wish i had my idea plan thing, cuz i thought it was awsome, we would be the coolest, not the lame ppl who did something that everyone one knows…. too bad i couldn’t stand up or  say anything…i sold out :(,  but still hearing that song got me in that vibe….. you think about it, an air band at  THE END OF THE SCHOOL YR… uhhm schools out for summer, …or some song that we all learned in music class,…so originality  vs. …. something we all learned and knew how to do…. good enough for ranting.. lol. Too bad for me waking up and replaying that in my head, … i think it was err me monique kayla michelle, miranda??,,?? maybe dana?? haha i don’ member, but i jus woke up in a grr mood lol



One thought on “talent show gone wrong”

  1. Oooo this! Yes I believe this was grade 5. I didn’t know we had learned the dance in music class. Haha. I don’t even remember what our dance was??? What did we do??
    And yes it would have been cool to have had our notebooks and thrown them around ect. 😛
    So did we perform this at the 3 day camp out we went to, or did we perform it in the gym on stage??? Was it just to the class or to our whole grade/school???

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