Aug-08-2012 Zombies and highschool drama OH MY!!!

Ahh, here we are again, entering my  world of awsome …err I currently made two new addictions the zombie series by Jesse Patersen (just finished married with zombies) and the tv show Awkward.  So here i am about too discuss these wonderful things, HAHA!!  so i guess we will start with the novel…


Dave and Sarah were once in love and happily married, but over the years they have grown apart and grown too dislike eachother more. The astranged couple is trying hard to work things out, bu seeking a marriage counsler. They have quite a few sessions and it becomes a regular thing,but one day……….

The roads were completely bare and there was an odd silence, and the familuar face of the gaurd guy at the front was gone, he was no where to be found. This struck both dave and Sarah as odd, but the went into Dr.Kelly’s office anyways. Inside it was also strangely quiet and abandoned , they waited in the waiting room thinking there therapist was still having another meeting, eventually they got impatient and decided to see what was going on only to find….Dr.Kelly eating some patients of hers  :O !!!. This is how it starts and the zombie killing spree begins. I am not gonna go into much more detail too avoid spoilers, but its like a romantic comedy. It has moments that make you laugh, and moments that make you sad. Can a zombie apocolypse bring people closer together???, have Sarah and Dave reencountered there love for eachother??? Will dave hook up with a zombie stripper( lol jk), you will have too read too find out. I enjoyed it though gonna have too get the second installment to the series 🙂

Now, for my other little find the tv dramady, awkward. I have one thing too say i love, and uhhmm… i forget the other one i think. I can watch so many t.v shows and come across new ones, such as another goodie,  2 broke girls, bt were here for another show haha. Awkward is about a regualr highschool outcast named Jenna who just encountered some type of accident that made it seem like suicide.Jenna became from invisible, to the girl everyone was talking about, and thus life was changing. Like every highschool dram series there is a romance, and eventually a love triangle, but like previously i am not giving away any spoilers 🙂


1)Schools won’t allow weapons, show you need too use your imagination and whatever you can get your hands on. This includes big heavy textbooks, math compass’ for geometry,long rulers, and bashing heads by swinging your locker open quickly and with force. 

2)If your crush seems to finally acknowledge  who you are and says he likes how you smell( when you didn’t wear any perfume) he’s probably just after your brains and human flesh

3)you may have too side with your school enemies, eventhough you would rather feed them to the undead. More survivors and people at your side, makes it easier to stay alive

4)the science geeks are now a major priority since maybe they can mix up a cure

5)think fast and always look were you go, the janitor knows the school from the back of his hand, and is the most likely too get infected( he does clean the toilets)

6)you can’t hide in the bathroom forever, they will….find you

7)take all that you learned in school and use it too your advantage, the zombie is five feet away and walks at 20miles an hour, how long do i got too fix my hair before i shoot him

8)as much as you find your teachers annoying they probably know a thing or two more than you, try and stay close, unless they’re already dead of course 🙂

9)If the school bully gets bitten, be prepared for a big fight, they already have enough anger and rage as a human….

10)everyone has a pupose, the jocks are fast the geeks have smarts, the cheerleaders can probably pull off some buffy  like high kicks, the preppy snobs…well uhhhm….ok… they will all prob die anyways haha, but they have to be good at something… 🙂 


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