August 19, 2012

well hello agin, ittssa me chantelleyo!!! 🙂 😉  I am locked and loaded with my duckhunt gun 😀  Hahaha so watch out now 😛 😉

LOL!!!! anywho….. i’m not up too a whole lot right now, working making money all that regular person regular life kinda jazz.I decided to stop procrastinating and finally do something with myself. In January it’s time to hit the books and go back to school, I have been telling myself this so many times over and over, and well let’s just say one thing that worried me was money, how can i make a decent wage and pay for school and go to school????, well they have these things called loans…duh, not sure why this idea has never occurred to me, but it was ALWAYS an option, maybe i was always deep down a little afraid, but whats wrong with going out there and asking for a little help, AM I RIGHT?? This is def, not something i can keep putting on the back burner, too bad this only recently became something i have been deeply thinking about cause it’s too late for september, but once Jan comes… booyah, and it gives me time too decide what i want to take ( i will be upgrading first-get me a G.E.D) Just gotta decide on what i will do after??? maybe an english major, or something with computers, or maybe hair and esthetics, still not sure, hey if i could take them all i would, but we will see, that would be lots of loans :(.  Maybe do one and pick up the others in the future :D. Whatever goes down this is something that needs to be done, i need to take a step forward instead of sitting in the same place and not going anywhere….

Well in other news….hmmm, there is a contest at work, if i get 5 or more people too sign up for optimum cards i have a chance to win a 500$ visa card, :). I have to say that would be pretty darn-tootin’ awesome ( yes i’m a cowgirl now haha jk) I haven’t really had a nice shop for myself in a long time, it’s nice to be girly and buy yourself pretty things once in a while :D.I have signed up two people already so i just gotta start spreading the world how awesome our points system is. :). This is sadly, well about all i have to say for today, so peace out much love XOXOXO,

yours truly,

Chantelle Louise Muileboom


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