Aug 20, 2012-new novel

Ello world, top o the afternoon to yah :). Hahah this is strange, but awesome i havn’t been able to sleep past 11:30 the past few days, it’s a rather strange occurrence for me since i usually sleep til well past noon, hahah. It’s nice though maybe my body is just giving me the extra energy i need to get on with my days :). Other than this weird thing the myth busters need to take a crack at, I have been working on my new novel a bit  So here I am talking to ya’ll and stuff :). I don’t want to post much of my story yet, i need some editing and some fix ups, and mold it all nicely first ( posted a dragon story online, but it’s kind of  a mess since i just posted it with out proofreading, rereading and making changes and add-on’s ). Sent my mommy what I have so far, cuz i trust her judgment and she can edit the grammar and mistakes, than i can look it over and makes changes along the way :). Writting sure isn’t as easy as people make it seem, it takes a lot of work,time and dedication. So many times i just stop because i don’t know how to make everything go smoothly or get writer’s block, or just push it aside til later, not the best thing to do :(. One day i will have a finished project haha, should prob finish one before moving on to the next but sometimes my brain feels more strongly on ideas for the latter. Lets just say I have 3 unfinished projects now 2 of which are posted on my and one i am not posting until i work on it a bit more. I will give a few minor details on what i am working on though, i stole a pic from my model friend it just seemed perfect for the title, you can view her blog and her FB fan page her picture is awsome but my microsft paint adding letters was cheaply done LOL!!! , and for it to work, i had to stretch it man paint is tarded, lol. and i had to save the image online somewhere… all this work haha poo Oh and if you have a prob with me using your pic i can find something else

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Arianna Stoborn wakes up from a dream, she at one time thought was her reality to find herself in a coma in a hospital bed at an asylum. She has no recollection of who she is or where she came from, her memory is completely blank. Aside from waking up in a strange yet familuar world, Arianna finds out why there is no one in the room to greet her at her awakening,besides the nurse that cares for the patients. Turns out Arianna was not a very liked person, and has done many dark and unkind things, she has killed families destroyed homes, and all in all had a very dark soul. Can Arianna escape her dark past and be born again into a whole new person, or will her memories come back to haunt her, and devour back into the darkness from once she came. 

I only started the first prolouge/chapter one, not sure yet if it’s chapter or prolouge worthy ….lol . once it’s had a bit of work i will share on my booksie, but for now everyone will have to wait 🙂 😛


One thought on “Aug 20, 2012-new novel”

  1. Nope I have no problem! Haha you should have told me though!! 😛
    Ah well, it was a fun surprise to see it.

    However if you ever publish it, you will need to ask permission of the photographer. 😛 I’m sure he’d be cool with it, but is still good to ask. Adrian St Onge is his name. 🙂 I’ve done quite a few shoots with him so far…

    Ooo it sounds very interesting! 😀

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