Aug 29 2012- Blog ideas, halloween ideas, and just some blabber jabber

So i wan to make this blog more interesting, and get more ppl reading it so i will make a couple of days of the week special. I already came up with sexy sizzlin’ Sundays. Hahah end your week with some hot eye candy 😉 ;), something the ladies will appreciate :). Need to think of more ideas too. I won’t make everyday a special day, but at least make a couple of days something to look forward to haha. Sexy sundays is all i came up with so far, so we will see what i come up with next 🙂

We all know Halloween is getting closer, girls fave holiday to dress sexy, and guys fave holiday to look at sexy girls HAHA!!!, dressing up is fun, and hey who doesn’t love free candy 🙂 :). Halloween is considered one of the most expensive holidays, being second too christmas and Xmas type holidays from other religions.This year we are planning on going to the Halloween howler (if we can manage to get tickets before the sell out) I have never been but its supposed to be a big bash made from one of Edmonton’s greatest rock station 100.3 the bear.I am getting a new camera on saturday so what better way to use it by taking pictures of all the cool costumes 🙂 😀 , and hey maybe i will come across some hot nerd dressed as link from the legend of zelda ( what a girl can dream can’t she!!!) HAHAHA!!!!!. I was orginally going to do Daenerys ( a.k.a Khaleesi) from game of thrones, but unfortunately they don’t have that costume anywhere, and i’m not exactly good at making hand-made cosplay… 😦 , so i stumbled across a cool video on you tube  it’s a sexy kitten and the makeup looks pretty cool, i need to practice of course, but i am very confident that i can do it, :). I have some skills in esthetics of course. On to the suit, they have lot’s but i am really liking the full body suits, oog yes something leather would be extra hot…MEOW 😉 😉

Photo: Feline Queen - Available in Small up to XL - $79.95 includes catsuit and ears!

Those are just a couple idea’s i came across :), Brandy said i can borrow her sexay boots too, as long as i don’ bream em hahaha, my feet might be hurtin the next day, but we have a foot bath for that, just have to put it away when were done, cuz my cat tried drinking out of it one day and my feet ->can get smelly…haha it was like stinky foot soup …;? 😕 :S …poor cat 😦

Haha so any whooters, not too much else is happalating here. I managed to get over 15 ppl signed up for shoppers optimum, which gives me at least 3 chances to win 1 of 5 500$ visa gift cards ( haha imagine if I won 3-but no don’ think that is possible) . That would be decent though, i could buy my makeup and Halloween costume, and my work has a laptop that is alright, not exactly for gaming i don’t think, but it could be nice to blog on and stuff. Hahah i also get 30% discount at work, and have a shopper optimum myself so i get the points :). 2000 points so far haha. On saturday i get 20X points and use my discounts(store special) -if i spend 75$ or more, my camera id 69.99$ (reg 149.99) and we need some cleaning stuff, and i can pick up some food so i will get well over 75$ . Hmmmm at 20X the points i should get at least  9000 points :). And what else to say….well not much ATM haha i guess i am done here for now, til the next time :).

“”So long farewell to you my friends
Goodbye for now until we meet again….
It’s been great to play and sing together
In the blog
And now its time to say goodbye… ”     OH YAH TOTATLLY SANG THE OUT OF THE BOX FAREWELL SONG!!!, c’mon ppl admit it you sang along as well 🙂 —> yes i changed box to blog, but still the same

XOXO , Chantelle Louise Muileboom,   oh and misty say bye too

“Bai errywon, tank oo for reedin mah mummiz blog ”

“So wong fahwell too youz mah frendz

goodebai foo nou unteel we meat agin

itz ben grate too sing an pay togeder

en ma’s blog

an nou is time too say goodbai ”

🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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