Sexy sundays Prt 1- Channing Tatum

So this is my first attempt at sexy sundays, and i am a bit late aswell, since it’s already 12:07 after midnight, but hey it’s still before midnight in some places. So I am starting this off with a hottie everygirl knows and wants in there bed , Mr.Channing Tatum.

 CHANNING TATUM photo | Channing Tatum


Ok girls whats not too love???, the rock hard ab’s the sexy green eyes, the kissable puckers ;).You have to admit it, if you had any chance with this man you would be all over him in a heartbeat…am I right or am I right?? When magic Mike came out in theaters it HAD to be packed with thousands of female fans, who appreciate his ..ahem…talent lol.

Channing Matthew Tatum was born April 26 1980 in Cullman,Alabama, USA .his parents were Kay (an airline worker), and Glenn Tatum ( a construction worker). groing up he was involved in football,track and field,soccer,baseball and martial arts. He graduated in 1998 and was awarded most athletic, aswell as a scholarship to Glenville State College, west virginia, but he turned it down. He used to be both a model and an exotic dancer that went by the name Chan Crawford ( now who wouldn’t pay too see that?? lol).


Trivia —posted from —

Has modeled for Abercrombie & Fitch, Dolce & Gabbana and Aeropostale. In 2002, starred in commercials for both Mountain Dew (“Drive”) and Pepsi (“Scratching”).

His first fashion show was at Level Nightclub in South Beach, Miami (November 2000) for Men’s Health magazine. His friend Vincent De Paulasked him to do the show with him. After the fashion show he began booking editorials for Ocean Drive magazine and his modeling career began.

Is of Native American, Irish, and French descent.

Was sent to a military school in ninth grade, where he joined the football team and intended to get a scholarship to play after graduation.

Big break was being cast in Ricky Martin‘s video for “She Bangs,” where he was paid $400 for a 7-day shoot.

Moved from Alabama to Mississippi at age 6, where his family lived on a bayou.

Stills spends his summer time with his grandparents back in Alabama

Auditioned for the role of Gambit in X-Men 3: The Last Stand (2006) before the role was eliminated.

Had worked as a construction worker, a mortgage broker, a salesman at the cologne counter of Dillard’s, and a worker in a puppy/kitty nursery before started a modeling career.

Became good friends with Adam Scarimbolo, and Shia LaBeouf on the set of A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints (2006).

He is the older step-brother of actor/singer Christopher Anderson.

Received a full athletic football scholarship at Glenville State College in West Virginia, but he dropped out of college.

When in grade 9, he was given the option of either Military school or a private school; Channing chose the Military school.

During his time in school, he played football, soccer, track, and baseball.

His first fashion show was at Level Nightclub in South Beach, Miami, for Men’s Health magazine.

Attended the Deena Levy Theatre Studio.

Favourite childhood film was The Goonies (1985).

When he was a child, his grandparents raised him during the summers.

Made the transition from modeling to acting because he didn’t find modeling challenging enough for him.

Signed with Innovative Artists, a talent agency, to improve his acting career.

Has played a character called Duke twice, once in She’s the Man (2006) and again in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (2009).

Has a dog named Meeka with his fiancée Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Engaged to Jenna Dewan-Tatum his costar from the movie Step Up (2006) as of September 10,2008.

Personal Quotes

I got crazy lucky. Like, sometimes I think I won the lottery or something. At times it feels like the bottom’s gonna fall out. Just ’cause I don’t really know how I got here. But I just keep moving forward, and it just keeps getting better and better. (2009 – on his career)

[on Haywire (2011)] My wife always hates when I go, “I just don’t love female action movies’. I don’t know why. I’ll watch them, but I don’t run to go and see them. I’d say, ‘Find a girl that can, pardon my French, whup my ass, and I will go to the movie’. And they did! They went and found [MMA champion Gina Carano] and she did! And it was awesome. I truly loved it.

Men go to strip clubs for a pretty simple reason. It’s a carnal, visual thing. The point of male stripping is to bring women onstage and embarrass them so their friends can cheer them on. Women go to watch their friends’ faces turn red and to have a night of camaraderie with their girlfriends.

The more you try to look sexy, the lamer it is, so you just have to commit to the comedy.




found this via the website

  • He loves to high-five people. I can count at least three for which I was lucky to be the recipient.
  • He likes to sing to himself and although he has never had a record deal of any sort and says he can’t sing, I thought he sounded great. He also told me that Terrence Howard will be coming out with a record in the near future and really likes his music.
  • He does not like broccoli (sorry trainer Will).
  • He really likes gaining weight for parts or at least the process of gaining weight.
  • He wants to become a film producer so he can make films he wants to act in. He would love to play the title character in ‘The Plucker’ where he will probably get his first producer credit.
  • He tries to only take roles that interest and challenge him. Although he had a lot of scrips thrown at him after his previous successes, he is very selective about what he will take on.
  • He really likes watching movies, but as he becomes more educated in the film world, he finds himself analyzing the movies more. Also, he hates it when you learn all you need to know about the movie in the trailer.
  • He says that the fight scene days tend to be more tiring, not necessarily because of the physical demands, but mostly because of the emotional demands that are required of him during the highly-charged scenes.
  • He likes keeping good people around him. From his publicist to his agent to his managers to his assistant B, he bonds with the people he lets into his inner circle and they all understand that Chan is not about money, unlike many stars that will take any project just to get a pay check.
  • He likes to “go ghost” when he is not working. He tries to take time off and can disappear on people without notice.
  • He thinks he’s a nerd. Says his calm, cool, and collected exterior is an act. (How cute is that?)
  • He likes to golf with his assistant and friends and tries to make time for it during filming.
  • If he had a dog, he would probably have a pit bull.
  • When given a choice on set, I am pretty sure he seemed to like the BMW.
  • He likes to go to amusement parks incognito and recently made the day of some very lucky fans when he was spotted with his assistant on a roller coaster at a local New York amusement park.
  • He does not have a preference in toothpaste. He just uses whatever is on the counter. Ironically, he says he might even be a little allergic to toothpaste. Although he does use it on a regular basis, it seems to upset his tummy a little. :-D (Fab Fan Marlie that was for you.)
  • He may have been a wee bit embarrassed by the baby pictures his mom sent to CTU. (Kay that’s your cue to send more.) ;-D

Here’s an interview on youtube

interview with ellen, she gets a lapdance haha…lucky woman

funny interview with jonah hill

video from magic mike ( most were just as bad quality it’s from the theater, and yah apprently all that screaming was from girls watching the movie LOL!!

Well i hope you all enjoyed come back next sunday for another hottie, if you have any suggestions, plz leave them in a message on this blog




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