My happy ho-ho-holidays

So here I am lying on my bed, early morning cuz well… I stay up late and sleep in late. I made a blog before but it didn’t publish (as you may see by earlier posts). So here I am again

Work was nuts, I had to work later hours and I worked on xmas eve, which was pretty busy, I seriously can’t stress enough how many people said “it sucks your working on xmas eve”. I was fine with it, i liked the double time and a half, and my family get together wasn’t until the actual christmas day.
Christmas was pretty chill and laid back this year (ok srry last yr it is 2013 now…). Usually the fam get’s together and have lots of drinks and get wild, cuz that’s what we do, and we do what we do. 🙂 ;p . We pretty much chilled out,ate a great supper, watched the young one’s play with thier new gifts, and eventually played a game of wizard. I played some hungry hippos with my nephew Dominic, it was kinda funny…at one point he didn’t like the yellow hippo eating balls so he kept saying “don’t eat balls, don’t eat balls” . He’s only two and a half!!! LOL!!! And i am soo gutterbrained xD. I got too see some cousins whom I havn’t seen in prob over ten years. That was pretty cool. It was a nice get together. After driving Grandma home we went home ourselves and i helped my sister Brandy make some sort of video christmas present for her hunnie. She just showed him yesterday xD.
New years was pretty good I guess…. well it came off to a good start anyways. My Bro Allen made his garage into some sort of uber cool “mancave”. It had all the necessities including a sectional sofa,a bar, a t.v, an aracade game, stereo system, drum set and lots of guitars. My stoner friend (haha i guess i should say bestfriend bigsister-since she nicknamed me bestfriend little sister that night) Laura came with lots of maryjane and oil too create so many oily sunshine and lollipops filled joints. Hahaha man did I ever get baked :).Things were pretty good. I mingled a bit, and felt pretty darn cool. Haha. Me and Laura’s cousin Justin got into conversing for a bit. Than it was time for them to leave (prob a good thing they missed out on the drama). I gave the guy my number, but sadly he hasn’t called or texted me that buttface.. lol. Kinda silly since he said he would and said “now I have a reason to come into the city more”, but alas….. here I am… done waiting. Meh his loss right, i’m quite the catch ;). Haha jk. But this is getting a little off subject haha. The drama slowly started after this Angela chick showed up. K, first off i don’t mean to judge or sound harsh maybe she was too drunk but anyways… at first we seemed to get along. She was complaining a bit how no one else dressed up (as in a dress, i had my makeup and a nice dressy jacket) so I told her “that’s ok, just own it” she seemed to think that was cool. Sometime later…i was at the bar and lit a smoke she gave me this snide remark like ” i would like you more if you didn’t do that, put it out, put it out” like woah girl your friend and my friend jacquie that brought you smokes like da fuck. After that she just turned away and started trying too pick up anything with a cock. She started with my bro in law, who quickly shut her down and went too find my sister. She eventually did hook up, on Al’s couch nonetheless (in his house, were his mom was trying to sleep). Talk about being a ho. After that well things just escalated into fightclub 90210. Some dude was starting fights with everyone … like man this isn’t going well anymore. The guy eventually got his ass kicked, but we left than so who knows what else he started. That’s pretty much it I guess

So yah, I am gonna try and write more, this will be better once i get my laptop and I can just do it all from there (seeing as I am on my phone and can’t adds pics and/or vids til later. :(. So later all you sexy ppl..peace and love too all


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