Write your heart out baby

Gonna set my alarm and wake up tommarow at a decentish hour. Gotta pound out my two current novels. I might have a publisher already, but I need a finished project first. I found this company online, my royalties will consist of 90% online sales and 80% off the shelf sales. I have to do more research of course and see if they are legit, and too make more money I will have to give em some money, too pay for editing, and adverts and all that jazz… but if these guys are legit than I could def, be making some extra cash and finally have something published :). Which novel too work on, guess that all depends on what my mind feels like dishing out at the moment. I have ideas for other stories of course, but I am going too finish atleast one of the two I am working on at the moment. On payday I might get a bag of pot, it makes my imagination flourish, but until than I am going too have to just go by ear, and let the words flow. I have more time at home by myself without distractions and all, so this will work alot better. Booyah everyone!!! So just thought I would share soon enough, you may be reading one of my masterpieces… and hopefully watching it on the big screen. So many good books turn into movies. :). Well my break is almost over, so gonna go back too the rind, and maybe play some scenarios in my head while it is uber slow. I can function pretty well while my mind just wanders haha. Well peace out everyone and have a good day, much love XOXOX


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