Q and A with the Boomz PRT-1

1)WHAT COUNTRIES FOOD DO YOU LIKE THE MOST??  I do enjoy mexican food such as taco’s,burritos’ ET, and from what I can gather Holland food is amazing. Dutch spaghetti is da bomb!!!, and apparently the y have a national cheese museum, so i am gonna take a guess and say they really love their cheese…and so do I and my family HAHA, I am 50% Dutch too, so it all makes sense. It’s in my blood to be a cheese-o-holic xD

2) WHAT DO YOU WANT RIGHT NOW??  Too hopefully be making some more money here soon… and to finally have at least one novel finished by the end of this year( that gives me a lot of time, but writing isn’t as easy as some of you may think..It takes a lot of time, patience, and determination. You also have to have your mind and imagination at a certain level were it can think of words, whats going to happen, plot changes, climax’s and all of that jazz.

3)WHAT ARE YOUR BELIEFS??  I am not entirely sure what I believe, or more so…what too believe. There is so many different idea’s,thoughts,belief’s and religions out there.All I know, is we have been brought to life some way, whether it’s some kind of god, by evolution, or we came from some kind of magical pixie dust. And if we were from a god…who made that god, if it’s from evolution, where did those first monkeys or whatever come from. How did we all just magically appear, and begin breathing, thinking,moving around and doing what regular human’s do?? I do believe in aliens though. You have to be pretty naive too think that were the only one’s out there.

4)WHERE ARE YOUR FAVORITE PLACES TOO SHOP??  I live pretty close to the worlds 2nd biggest mall(were the the 1st until Japan made one like a meter bigger or something like that. There is a few clothing stores there i go too such as Aeropostale or Urban Outfitter’s. Eb games is pretty cool( I am a bit of a gamer) there was a really good card shop that sold cheap magic cards(when I did play- can’t find anyone who plays anymore heh) . I also love Chapters, they help grow my small but slightly growing book collection. In West Ed( My mall they have a couple cool places to go and look at like this Millenium store, it has lots of cool things in it, dragon stuff, blades of Olympus (god oF WAR), AND LOTS OF THINGS FOR NERDS TOO BE LIKE OH MAH GOD…jizz in my pants!!! I love Victoria’s Secret but, I don’t make enough money to be shopping there :(. I work at Shopper’s now and have grown to love it, they have good sales, and I looove love loooove getting my points :). Value Village is one of my favorites though. It’s a second-hand store, but the clothes you get there, wow!!! HAHAHA lots of the stuff Is expensive brands that you only pay a couple bucks for. You could go spend 100$ there and come back with enough outfits to last you almost a year hahaha. I also love the rock and roll store in Niagara Falls on Clifton Hill. So many cool rock and roll t-shirts and merchandise, you could find pretty much any band you want there :).There is a few more but this answer is getting long…lol

5?WHICH FAMOUS PERSON FROM THE PAST WOULD YOU LIKE TO MEET??  Gosh so many… Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Dimebag Darrell, basically anyone from the music industry that is now gone, but will never be forgotten. Abe Lincoln would be cool too, he did alot for the slaves and tried to make a difference in the world, but sadly got shot (I believe he got shot because he didn’t want to do what the secret service wanted him to do, because he was against it and thus.. got assassinated). Martin Luther King too that would be cool, and Helen Keller,Rosa Parks, Einstein,Mother Theresa man this list could go on 🙂 HAHA

6)IF YOU COULD BE INVISIBLE WHAT WOULD YOU DO??  Hmmmmm….. Rob a bank??, hahah jk…or am I…. haha. it would definetally be interesting. I could have fun pranking and scaring the crap out of some people. Go to Wentworth Miller’s and watch him shower 😉 ( not creepy at all.. haha) .I could spy on the government and see what they are hiding .Hahah go to my mom’s and leave little gifts for her, she will have no idea…”sorry hun, this joint just showed up didn’t mean to smoke it :P”  (her bf don’t like it)

7)IF YOU COULD OWN AN EXOTIC PET WHAT WOULD IT BE??  A Komodo Dragon would be cool ( I would love a real dragon, but who are we kidding right, they are only real in our imaginations 😦 ) . Or a cute and cuddly one like a Koala or Panda bear. A cool Exotic lizard or snake would be cool too, as long as it wasn’t very hostile or if it was poisonous it was de-venomized in a way.

8)WHAT MOVIE CAN YOU QUOTE WORD FOR WORD??  Don’t think I can quote a movie anymore, but when I was young I watched Lion King sooo many times I could.

9)WHAT WAS THE LAST BOOK YOU READ??  I am currently reading a Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin. If you ever watched a Game of Thrones, it is a must read .You would have to start with the first one in the series called a Game of Thrones though. This one is the third book in the series, and I am trying too finish it before the 3rd season starts in March. The last book I finished was the first Hunger Games. It was awesome I gotta say, haha, wait actually no I read Married with Zombies by Jesse Patterson, I discussed it one of my earlier blogs 🙂

10)DESCRIBE WHAT A GOOD FRIEND MEANS TO YOU??  Well someone who can make you laugh, and is there when you need them. I hate people who are overly arrogant, and snobby. I am actually a pretty easy going person, so not alot will bother me. The only thing is if you treat people like trash, I will not like you haha

So this concludes the first segment of Q and A with The Boomz, I will try too make more of these and keep em all at ten questions each… if you want too add a q to one of my q and a’s feel free to leave one in the comment sectionb 🙂 :0 🙂 


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