Cha-boom chucka lucka

Lol, yup bored i am yoda i am not… heh. Just figured I would blab to the interwebs on account of my insomnia :). Hmm not whole lot is up with me currently looking for a 2nd part time job so I can be debt free and have money and not be ms.broke ass anymore :). This situation I am currently in being so totally moneyless is causing a big amount of stress….which isn’t exactly good for me. Stress causes my body to flap about on the floor like an epilictic fool…litteraly..well i am sure alcohol intake doesn’t help. Yah had a seizure a few weeks ago, my back still gets tender, but I havnt had a drink since… k cept once with my momma, but other than that I have been liqour free. I cant afford booze anyways heh. Hmmm sooo what else is going on you ask??? Well my sister and her bf broke up (yup another one bites the dust -heh srry brandy you go through alot of bf’s not that its a bad thing) They were doing pretty good, even talking about weddings and marriage and all that, but one night his true color really showed themselves and well they were pretty dark and unbearable. She had this awards dinner for her work, he was originally going to be her plus one, but before the dinner he went out and got really drunk and what to be appeared as really doped up on something other than pot. He was a little too much and Brandy didn’t want him to be an embarassment so she told him to stay home. This pissed him off terribly so during her awards dinner he kept sending her crude messages on Facebook saying he killed her snake and was going to kill her cat, and that he was wrecking her stuff, and how he they were done and how he wanted his “fucking money” that he put in her bank.account so they could get a camper. He didnt hurt the animals but did end up breaking our coffee table,fridge,vacuum,a wall outlet and our fridge. I would say that buddy has anger problems….. so hes not living with us anymore. I guess a few days ago too they were talking and he said “we can’t work things out unless you kick your sister out and stop helping her, so we can get a place of our own”…yah ok cuz thats the kind of person she is -_-. Lots of drama lol. Other than chaos and brokedom not much else is going on. Just same ol I guess. Oh hah this guy i’m friends with seems to be all omg grrr because i dont wanna be more than friends sorry man, but i do not wanna fuck… i dont even really want a relationship,yet. I dunno i miss it, but I just havn’t found a specail connection with someone and being single isn’t that bad anyways. I dont wanna end up with a freak like my sisters last ex either :p. I have my cat and my book and my hobbes and were all in a happy loving relationship lol. The book I am speaking of is a Storm of Swords and Hobbes is my stuffed tiger teddy bear I bought he is a good snuggler :), i think Misty gets a bit jeolous of him sometimes im all cuddled up too him and she tries getting all snuggled in closer…..silly putty tat. So yup thats about it. Oh yah btw I have been trying to make a character post for my Flames to Dust novel,but well… its a working progress ya’ll I have uhhm the dragons pretty much done,and I feel thats not even ready yet, I think I have to keep writting and get more groundwork on whom all the characters really are first, than my friends,it will be ready :). So yup gonna try and get some sleep we will see how good that goes, so peace out and g’night everyone.


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