A little sneak peak into chapter 6

Forest of Ghost Picture  (2d, fantasy, forest, environment)

*please note this was a rough draft that merely just came to me, and I didn’t exactly edit it much, just thought i would give all of you a little idea of what I am working on 


It wasn’t quiet, but it also wasn’t loud. The only sounds heard were those of the forest. Braelynne strolled through the dense woods, taking in the beauty it held.
“Is this what I have been missing for so long” she thought to herself.

She felt that she needed to take it all in, so she closed her eyes and extended her arms and started to spin. Braelynne took in the scents, and the songs of the forest. This was the one moment were everything finally felt right. All troubles seemed to vanish, and for a slight moment in time , dissapear completly. Suddenly, there came a noise. Braelynne ducked down and crawled in the grass behind a big oak tree.

“I hear they are looking for recruits” said one voice
“Yes, thats why we’re going there Skye” said the 2nd voice
“Well, I think the two of us are better as well just us, but if we must..”
“Look, not everyone is as evil and twisted as Kharle Drouf, remember what ma said about whats too come, we need all the allies we can get”
The two elfish people than walked off down the path and Braelynne could no longer hear them so she kept going on her own way.

“I wonder…what they were talking about, maybe these allies, and the recruiters are what I need too save this world from its own damnation? Then agian, most people would send me back to that evil wench that married my father for her costly reward. ” She let that idea, just slip away for at this slight moment it was her freedom keeping her sane.


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