Living with a narcissist



It took me a long time to realize, but the answers were there all the time. Narcissist’s seem like good genuine people at first. They make you feel special, and they seem to shine, and everyone loves them, what no one sees is they hide behind a mask.
It takes time, but eventually you cone from a “close bond”, to a mentally and emotionally abusive relationship. It took a long time for me to realize, what was going on. It wasn’t until we shared a home and lived together that I saw them behind closed doors. Eventually I was always brought down, nothing I did mattered and I was becoming less and less happy, and for a while I did believe it was my fault. I tried and tried, to make them happy and off my case, but nothing seemed to work. I should of seen this long ago because the way they acted in past friendships and relationships. They cheat, they lie, they do anything to be in the center of everyones attention. They can disregard you, for speaking your mind. They ac as if they can never do any wrong

I have been told I am selfish, when all I did, was for them. I have been told I am worthless, disrespectful, and that I was taking advantage of them. Then they turn around and wonder why I am being so hard to deal with, never listining to my voice of reason,since they were they ones who made me feel like crap. I stopped trying, I left and stopped most contact, my family isn’t on my side, because they have been manipulated and brain washed to believe, once agian ,as usual. I am in the wrong. I have become very misunderstood, and constantly talked down too, no one seems to take my side. It hurts, but not much I can do.
How do you know you are involved with a narcist??

1)they have a great need of attention and affection
2) if you try to prove them wrong, they will burn you
3)they are always right
4)they use others/their own pain and suffering for their own attention
5)they will talk about others behind their back,and make ppl think that person is a bad guy
7)they own you, and anything you have
8)be fake, lie,cheat, and gossip
9)don’t care about you unless you give them power
10) can’t be alone
11)bring you down, when your a good person
12) turn ppl against you

I could go on, but these are some factors.


If you ever end up abused, walk away and leave, its the only way you can win
I left, sure I am living with the circumstances, but it sure beats living in a home where I am always talked down too, and can’t do anything right. I just hope someday my family will see my side, and maybe the narc, will understand I loved them, I still do, but I just can’t live with you, and now that I seen who you truly are, it will be hard for me to see you as I once did.

I may follow up on this topic more, more details and what not.


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