Its good to suck


Any male will agree, that blowjobs are awesome. He gets off, no work for him, and it feels awesome. If your a female like me, who enjoys getting on your knees and a mouth full of little swimmers, you should already know, its not hard to keep a man wanting you, dying for your pleasure, and becoming a little puppet at the snap of a finger, and slurp of the tounge. If your not one of those females, you should try and learn. Not only will you also get enjoyment, you will also reap of the many benefits sperm has to offer.

First of all male semen is a natural anti-depressant, and natural anxiety reducer. It also improves quality of sleep, increases energy,improves concentration, memory, and mental alertness.
It Assists with pregnancy maintenance,
Increases female-initiated sexual behavior,and yes it reduces pain. Sperm is also packed with a huge kick of proteins and nutrients, that are very healthy, and hey its good for the skin too. Skip that shake and suck on something hard. Going down on your man not only has healthy benefits, but also makes for a healthy, sexual and closer relationship.


Your man will love you, and also love himself. The fact that his member gets you all hot and bothered, gives him a bout of confidence. He feels loved and cared for, because your willing to do a bit of mouth work to make him happy, He doesn’t need to be the only one getting off either, go ahead and play with yourself at the same time, it will be even more enjoyable. Females are very in sync with our own thoughts, so if you get yourself thinking “wow his cock is beautiful, I just want in my mouth right now, mmm soon hard” you can get yourself more into the mood. Your man will feel like the luckiest man alive, and if he makes you feel special, then you should return the favour, and hey if your tired or just want to be left alone, get on sucking and he will most likely roll over and pass out later, haha.

It might take a while, but just get yourself into it, watch his face as he is in total heaven. My bf is so sexy when he is enthralled with extasy, and the fact that I am making him smile that way eyes half closed, mouth open, makes me feel like a sexual she-god. He also feels empowered because it like his cock so much I don’t mind putting it to n my mouth for a taste, he feels sexy,loved, and like his woman truly cares, and wants him to be happy.

Going on your knees often, may lead a man to go down on one.


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