Hello world! Welcome too my blog

So how does one start this off??? I guess i should make a small introduction, Hi person on the other side of the computer screen, I am Chantelle , full name Chantelle Louise Muileboom, 50bucks says you can’t pronounce the last name right :P, lets just say it’s dutch for awsome HAHA .  Now why am I here, well just like any blogger i’m here to share thoughts and ideas via the interwebs. Most of the time i will prob just ramble on about complete randomness lol so be prepared 🙂 I am not sure who will be reading this or if anyone will, but hey talking to myself was never a problem before 😛 heehee. Now about me and who I am as an individual, I like too think of myself as cute, and sweet, very caring, and sometimes i care too much. I was born and raised in Alberta Canada, and it has always had it’s up and downs. I enjoy gaming and reading and when i have the time and the right thought process going on I enjoy writing. I like a nice relaxing day of laying back on the couch, and it’s also nice to get out too, (which i need to do more of). I have a master at texas holdem and enjoy camping, travelling, pool,bowling,watching hockey,badminton, my pets, my family, and well currently trying to find a new hobby other than getting drunk off my ass LOL!!!. So I guess that is me in a nutshell, so peace out and laters,


Chantelle 🙂


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